Elements through the Tarot: FIRE BY Vanessa

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The Wheel has just turned a notch for us in the Northern Hemisphere, passing over the cross-quarter celebration of Lammas on August 1st - traditionally a time marking the high agricultural season and harvest, as well as gathering as community to give thanks for the fruitfulness and abundance the earth has provided. Of course, harvest time would not be possible without the heat and power of the glorious sun, coaxing seedlings to grow and flourish into fields of grain, fruit, and vegetables ripe for the picking. For this reason, Lammas is associated with the power of the sun and element of FIRE, and is also known as a fire festival. 

If you are a follower of the Wheel of the Year or simply adore the high-powered energy of Summer, you may want to celebrate the fullness of the season with an arrangement of sunflowers, gold candles to honour and give thanks for the abundance harvested or pay tribute to the element of fire by including a tarot card on your altar - specifically, The Sun.    

Here are a few of our favourite Sun card depictions: 

Image result for the rider waite the sun card

Rider-Waite Tarot by A.E. Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith

This classic illustration of The Sun is depicted here with an actual face, feeling more like a companion of the child's, than a distant light source. The Sun offers the freedom to live out joyous sunny days frolicking amongst a field of sunflowers!

Image result for the linestrider the sun

The Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson

The sunflower petals, while reminiscent of billowing flames also appear to be an overflowing food source for various creatures. The plant's pooling nectar is symbolic of abundance for all and the bounty created by Summer's high solar energy.


Image result for the alchemical tarot robert place the sun

The Alchemical Tarot by Robert M. Place

 A subdued depiction but powerful imagery, nonetheless. The solar energy and fire power of the sun fuels the "Greater Conjunction" and connection between this pair. The golden crown floating above depicts their sovereignty as soul mates and the perfect synchronization of passion, desire and spiritual love for an illuminating and plentiful life experience.


For millennia, fire has invoked a spectrum of emotions within the human psyche - but more than that, it is crucial to the existence of life on earth.

The sun stimulates and supports growth, illuminates and enlightens, radiates warmth and comfort, but can also set ablaze and burn intensely. It can be joyful and energizing yet dangerous also. Nevertheless, it's important to appreciate fire in all its' facets.


Which emotions or sensations does the element of fire invoke in you?

Where can you notice or appreciate the influence of fire energy in your life?

How can you consciously harness this element to energize/support your pursuits or honour it in your own way?


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