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The Role of Flower Essences

Flower essences are our teachers. They teach us about self-awareness and help us understand life’s lessons. They help us gain insights into ways of thinking, doing and being, that don’t contribute to our highest good. They help balance fear with courage so we can make good choices and respond to life instead of reacting. They provide new ways for us to perceive ourselves and our lives—making them powerful allies on our life journey.

Why Gem Elixirs are Important

As we increase our consciousness, our vibration resonates more clearly with our Soul. And when our vibration increases, our bodies need support to EMBODY these energetic changes. Gem elixirs help us fully anchor and embody this increase in consciousness. Their action is direct and immediate—it is focused on adjusting the energy flow. They help to cleanse, activate, and recharge the chakras and subtle bodies (etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual), so they function as they were designed to. They improve the flow of energy so we feel grounded and comfortable in our physical body. This makes it easier to maintain stability during times of spiritual growth.
Here are six key gem elixirs that support flower essence therapy, and in turn, our spiritual and emotional growth.


              Ruby                               Hematite                     Brazilian Amethyst
Ruby – reconnecting to the earth after trauma or upset
Ruby gem elixir is helpful when we are ambivalent about being present in our physical body and when we have a tendency to disconnect from our body during times of chaos and upheaval. Ruby cleanses, balances, and energizes the base (1st) chakra and opens the lower chakras to a stronger flow of life-force energy from the earth. This essence is very useful for those who have a top-down focus to their energy fields, in other words, when auras are stronger at the top and weaker at the bottom. It supports our ability to ground spiritual and mental energy into the physical body, especially during times of intense transformation.
Hematite – strengthening emotional boundaries
Hematite gem elixir helps us maintain our boundaries while witnessing highly charged emotional experiences and the negative emotions of others. Hematite gem elixir helps create and maintain appropriate emotional boundaries so we feel safe and self-contained while emotionally connected to others. When we are around someone in extreme emotional pain, we may think it is our fault, or we may feel uncomfortable because their pain is so much like our own. Hematite unravels the energetic entanglements that can occur when we encounter the pain of those around us. It helps to strengthen our emotional energy field so we can respond by being present and connected with neutrality.
Brazilian Amethyst – strengthening the energetic connection with our Higher-Self
When we over-identify with the material aspects of life we can feel separate from the spiritual realm. Brazilian Amethyst gem elixir helps balance our physical reality and our spiritual potential. It provides a clear, deep, and grounded high-frequency vibration, fostering self-value when we are doing the work of Spirit. Spirit work may not bring physical riches but it can be fulfilling and worthwhile in terms of the spiritual substance we offer to others. If we realize this and own it, abundance can rise to the physical level. Brazilian Amethyst calms and clarifies all chakras and subtle bodies, focusing on the relationship between the seen and unseen, and the known and unknown. Its gift is to clarify the interaction between what is physical and what will soon become so. It provides a vibrational bridge to help us focus our intention and follow through, to anchor and manifest higher potentials into physical reality.
           Citrine                    Watermelon Tourmaline      Tourmalated Quartz
Citrine – bringing clarity to an overactive mental body
Citrine gem elixir harmonizes our mental energies so we can relax and open to our intuition. It balances the mental body with the spiritual, so our mind can be used in service to spirit. Citrine helps us find mental clarity and increases our ability to concentrate and be centered. When the mental body is too expanded or out of alignment with the other subtle bodies, we may feel anxious, distracted, or unfocused. This essence helps to synchronize the mental body with the earth, so it can return to its proper alignment within the rest of our energy field. This allows our emotional and physical aspects to realign, resulting in increased calm and clarity.
Watermelon Tourmaline – balancing masculine and feminine energies in the heart
Watermelon Tourmaline gem elixir is a universal heart balancer with wide-ranging applications. Its primary gift is to help us resolve any polarities that are present in our heart. One of the most common is an imbalance between giving and receiving, which is even more pronounced when we strive too much for what we want. Watermelon Tourmaline helps us relax and allow what we want to come to us without struggle and to accept the timing of its arrival. It also helps us resolve conflicts between the masculine and feminine aspects of the heart, where the deepest work between the inner male and female is taking place. The conflicts that arise there can be complex and are often reflected in our relationships. Watermelon Tourmaline embraces this situation by flooding the heart with both earthly and cosmic qualities of love, bringing our inner masculine and feminine to a place of restful and centered peace.
Tourmalated Quartz – releasing energy blockages and improving energy flow throughout the body
The complex structure of Tourmalated Quartz works on many dimensions to bring immediate alignment and clarity to all levels of the energy field. It does this by organizing and fine tuning the vibrational structure of the body and how it works with light. It clears congestion and excesses of energy from all chakras, subtle bodies, and the physical body, and balances the base chakra in relation to the higher chakras. Often, what we perceive as blockages or negativity are simply areas where the light can’t pass through. This essence releases whatever is impeding the flow so the light can move where and how it needs to.


*All content including images and information via Alaskan Essences

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