Celebrating Mabon BY Vanessa

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As Summer quickly fades, leaves change to shades of vivid red and burnt orange, a crispness in the air follows, and the Wheel of the Year makes its' turn toward the final seasonal celebration known as Mabon, or the Autumn Equinox. For us in the Northern hemisphere, this will occur on September 23rd. The Equinox signifies a point of perfect balance of light and dark in the sky - eventually, darkness will grow leading us into the heart of winter.

A time of the Great Harvest, Mabon completes the Wheel's cycle before beginning again at Samhain (Halloween). Traditionally, the last harvesting and crop picking was done to store and prepare food for the colder, barren months ahead, making it a most perfect time to give thanks for the earth's bounty and celebrate the fruits of hardwork and labour by sharing food and resources among family/community, ensuring all would be taken care of.

Mabon is a wonderful time to offer gratitude for the many blessings received from earth and those around you. Additionally, as the energy wanes, it is wise to work with the season in letting go of all things which have not yet manifested. Know they can be re-initiated in the next cycle if so chosen. 

Here we offer a few ideas to celebrate the season of Mabon in your own way:

- Take a walk in nature to immerse in the beautiful, transitional energy of the season. Observe the colours and scents of Autumn. Take in how it makes you feel. Notice the changes and what is dying away.

- Reflect and journal on how you find yourself in rhythm with the season. Are there changes occurring in your own life? What can be shed or released that is no longer serving you?   

- Harvest apples/other seasonal fruits from a local farm or market, preserve or bake into goods to share with loved ones or organize a potluck!

- Set up a Mabon altar to honour the season - collect fallen leaves, acorns, adorn with pumpkins or Fall fruits, burn candles, use red, orange, gold decor to represent the colours outside. 

- Offer thanks to the earth, your deities or guides at your altar and leave offerings as a token of your appreciation of all the blessing that have been bestowed upon you! 





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